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At Morristown Dermatology our doctors are well trained in the medications used for acne as well as alternative treatments, such as chemical peels and Blu-U light treatment.

Dermatologists know that letting acne run its course is not always best.   Here’s why:

  • Dark spots and permanent scars can appear on the skin as acne flares and clears.
  • Treating acne often boosts a person’s self-esteem.
  • Many effective treatments are available.

Most acne treatments are applied to the skin. Seeing the type of acne you have and the severity of your outbreak will help your dermatologist determine the best combination of topical treatments for your skin.  Sometimes medicine that works throughout the body may be needed. Your dermatologist may recommend one or more of these:

  • Antibiotics (which help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation).
  • Supplements (such as  Niacinomide and Zinc)
  • Birth control pills or medicine that works on hormones (can be helpful for women).
  • Isotretinoin (the only treatment that works on all that causes acne).

At Morristown dermatology we also offer acne treatments which can be performed during an office visit. These treatments include:

BLU-U for Acne – Innovative, Simple, Effective

The BLU-U offers effective, non-invasive and pain-free blue light treatment for moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. Narrow band blue light causes a photodynamic effect within the pilosebaceous gland that kills P. acnes, the bacteria primarily responsible for acne vulgaris. When used in a series of brief (approximately 17 minutes) exposure sessions, it provides a simple, non-invasive treatment regimen. BLU-U treatments can be a primary treatment, an alternative to oral medications and topicals, or an adjunct to skin care programs.


These 30% Salicylic acid peels can be used to decrease the symptoms of oily, blemish-prone skin impacted by whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules.   When applied to the skin about once every 10-14 days they chemically exfoliate the top layers of skin. This exfoliation signals the cells inside the skin to produce more rapidly, which can help hasten skin turnover and prevent pores from becoming clogged.

 Acne Removal

Your dermatologist may perform a procedure called “incision and drainage” to remove a large acne cyst. This procedure helps when the cyst does not respond to medicine. It also helps ease the pain and the chance that the cyst will leave a scar. If you absolutely have to get rid of a cyst quickly, your dermatologist may inject the cyst with a small amount of cortisone